New Sapphire Mine location in Shelby, NC.

Early in 2019, I made a trip to North Carolina. While there, my brother and I visited a friend at his father’s home in Shelby. In the back yard was a small hand digging operation where N.C. Sapphires being mined.

Apparently, odd stones were being picked up in the garden in the back of the house for many years. No one knew what the stones were until about two years ago. Several holes were dug in the backyard looking for the source. Finally, recently the source was discovered in some mica schist and it is spectacular!

Sapphires from this location are mostly gray in color and polish up really beautiful. Some of the few stones that have been polished so far show a nice star pattern. This is a significant find as N.C. Sapphires are hard to come by now. Mines are closed or on private property and people are just holding on to their N.C. Sapphires.

I’m told that this new mine will not be open to the public, but that some Shelby, N.C. Sapphires may be on the market soon.

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